It is not every day that you get a new retailer on a top location in one of Scandinavia's capitals. But now you will find Studio Eyewear at Brillevaerk on Elmegade, in the middle of Copenhagen. The store was opened a month ago by owner Anne Andersen.

The story

When we meet Anne in her shop, she spontaneously tells her fantastic story about how she worked as a teacher but could not adopt the cynical attitude that is almost required to not perish from all the personal relationships you get with your students. Instead, she became an optician and worked for many years for both Synoptik and Profiloptik. When she was store manager at an optician on Strandvejen but still did not feel completely satisfied with her career choice, it was her husband who made her understand that it was time to open her own business.

An entrepreneur

There was not much time to think about whether she made the right choice or not, because all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place one after one. She became part of IONG, found a venue and started the business in less than three months. In April 2022, she opened Brillevaerk and she has had a great start at the best location in a part of Copenhagen with many individualists who value the local feeling and prefer a personal optician.

Her motto is that she is not selling glasses to the customer, the customer is buying from her. She gladly helps the customers with advice, but they must find their favorites themselves. According to Anne, a good pair of glasses is one that draws attention to the person behind it, who frames the eyes and lifts them.

The difficulty with running a store is that you must both be an expert within your field - optician, and be an IT manager, buyer, marketer and coffee maker at the same time. But, difficulties are something Anne herself sees as exciting challenges, not obstacles.

On the flipp side

The best thing about running your own store is that you can set your own high level of personal service, you can do good and build relationships with people. It´s to be able to use your creativity and run the company in your own pace. The ambition for Brillevaerk is to eventually open more similar stores in Copenhagen, perhaps even outside. But Anne does not want to lose the personal touch.

We are extremely happy that Anne Andersen has chosen to bring our brand Studio into her store and hope for a long and rewarding collaboration.