There is a number of really cool ladies that have discovered our brand. Here we present some of them.


Lina is the lead singer in the pop group Infernal, she is a proud mother and a fashion addict. We are super happy that this woman, who easily changes her style more than once every week, has chosen Dolce in black as her favourite! 

Listen to infernal and their hit, From Paris to Berlin, here.

See Linas own insta account here. 


One of Sweden's most beloved interior designers, Marie Olsson Nylander, has been wearing Studio since the start in 2021. She has a unique style with a bohemian touch and has created her very own universe with her way of combining furniture and decoration from different places and decades. We are so happy that she feels comfortable with these oversized glasses. During spring 2022 she is wearing Farfalle in grey/brown. 

See more about Marie here.

See her on SVT


This colorful woman, with her well-known shop, Slättarps gård, and the vintage boutique A Piece Lux for the connoisseurs, wears the yellow and lilac Primavera with a sun lens. She spends a lot of time in Marbella, so a pair of statement sunglasses is perfect. Ans she rocks them well! 

Link to A Piece Lux Instagram  

Slättarps gård