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Studio Eyewear meets: Fru Timian – Marit Røttingsnes Westlie

Thyme is not just one of the herbs that has been used for cooking since early days of man – it’s also the name of one of Norway’s best known food blogs: Fru Timian. Behind the name stands Marit Røttingsnes Westlie, a woman who chose to follow her passion and decided to go where the delicious aroma of cooking took her. Studio Eyewear is the perfect match for this confident woman.

When commuting got the best of her and the family, Marit decided to quit her job in marketing and find something else to do.
–I felt I had to do something stimulating that would make me grow as a person – I didn’t want everything to be about the money.
So, she took a step back and turned to what made her happy: food. The passion for cooking and baking originated from her mother. When growing up, Marit used to sit on the kitchen countertop and help her mother measure up the ingredients, and these are some of Marit’s happiest memories – along with eating freshly baked buns! And food has always given her positive vibes.
–We always had people over when I grew up, and there were a lot of good food being served. So, for me, food is connected to something very social and enjoyable. I love to create a happy atmosphere around me with good food and pastry.

Rooted in her love of food, Marit had the idea of writing a recurring food column which she pitched to different magazines in Norway. This was the starting point for the published cookbooks and the popular blog that followed. Marit wants to inspire all people with her cooking, and she has a saying:
–Enjoy life and enjoy the food! If I can get people to appreciate both their life and food, I’m happy. Today there are so many different diets and things that are “right” and “wrong” which can create a lot of stress around what we eat. I want to inspire everyday people to make good food and cakes – in their everyday life.

Wearing the Aurora from Studio Eyewear

Wearing the Aurora from Studio Eyewear

When talking about the best thing about writing a food blog, Marit tells us:
–I enjoy doing the varied work that comes with this job, it requires me to be creative and I get to manage my own working hours. It has also brought me new possibilities since I decided to go all in with the blog. I’m proud to have run a company for 12 years now, that has made money and employed two people besides myself. And I’ve developed my own series of food flavorings – that’s pretty cool! It has been an exciting time and sometimes challenging. But I love what I do.

Writing about food and creating content for the blog, Marit constantly needs to come up with new ideas for her recipes.
–Sometimes I just go into a grocery store, especially if they have a wide selection of foods, and get whatever products that inspires me at the moment. Then I play around with different ideas of what I can use them for. Other times I get inspiration from books, magazines, or social media. Or when I’m out dining.

Aside from the blog, Marit does lectures and differently themed food presentations, and we wanted to know what topic inspires her the most.
–I’m passionate about the fact that everyone should be able to eat good food and have a wholesome relationship to the food being made and served. That’s why I do a lot of lectures for parents and people working within our care systems. We need to serve good food to the children in our schools and pre-schools and not least to our elderly.
Almost everyone needs to do some cooking throughout their lives, and many people have a hard time with it. What does Marit thinks is the most common mistakes people make while baking and cooking?
–When baking, it’s important to fully follow the receipt – baking is about chemistry and there is a purpose to the precise measurements. Most of the times when I’m asked why a cake or bread hasn’t been successful, it’s due to the baker changing the receipt. It’s another thing when cooking food. Often there is more room for making your own twist to it. But in cooking – as with life itself – you need to have a certain basic knowledge to make any larger adjustments. So, if you want to get better at cooking, it’s wise to learn the basics first: how to make classic sauces, the best way of frying a piece of fish or meat, or basic principles for baking with yeast. When you have that foundation, it’s easier to build on.

Marit always wear glasses during her busy day and when the time came for new eyewear Marit chose not one, but two frames from the Studio Eyewear collection: the large, squared Concordia in a dark purple, and the smaller Aurora in a soft, transparent pink.
–I feel so cool in my glasses, they have real character! After all, I wear glasses all the time, and I want them to highlight my personality. This is glasses that gets noticed and I like that.
They are also very comfortable to wear and have a great fit. I mainly wear the Concordia glasses and they are super cool – I was very happy when the frame suited the shape of my face. That’s important! I get a lot of comments that they are cool, and people want to know where they’re from. I have had someone saying they’re too big and that you can’t wear so prominent eyewear. Ha, ha, ha – poor those people I say! The Aurora glasses I use as my computer glasses. They are smaller, lighter and have a little softer expression. The two frames are quite different, and when you need to have two pairs, it's fun to have completely different ones.

Loving her purple Concordia from Studio Eyewear

Loving her purple Concordia from Studio Eyewear

Marit has plans of expanding the brand Fru Timian, first with new receipts on the blog and new products in her series of flavorings. But living in the moment seems more up her alley.
–I think a lot of exciting things are happening right now, and I'm very happy with that.
We know this passionate woman will be able to do whatever she sets her mind to!