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Studio Eyewear meets: Danica Kragic

A very fascinating woman who has chosen to wear Studio Eyewear is Danica Kragic – a professor at the School of Computer Science and Communication at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH in Stockholm. Originally from Croatia, where she studied mechanical engineering and mathematics, Danica has now become one of the top robot researchers. We reached out to Danica Kragic to learn more about her work and thoughts about the recent development in artificial intelligence.

What we used to call science fiction has lately become much more tangible, especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence into mainstream society. It’s something a lot of people have heard of, come in contact with or even tried out themselves by using tools for creating text or imagery. But how can AI be most beneficial for us? 
–Artificial intelligence can be used to solve complex issues, too difficult for the human mind to solve, says Danica Kragic. AI should be seen as a tool to help humans to make decisions by “explaining” the relationship between different properties, problems, or phenomenon. And these correlations can be visualized or explained in the most relevant way for the intended user.

Danica in her robotics lab

Danica in her robotics lab

When talking about the dangers of the technology Danica says:
–We as humans can come to rely too heavily on AI, we must always see it as just an expert we ask for advice. And keep trusting the capability and knowledge of human beings.

Studio Eyewear has chosen to work with AI generated images for the recent seasons and were one of the first to use the technology in marketing. The aim is to visualize the world of Studio Eyewear and bring a dream to life with the images and backstories. What do you think about using AI in marketing?
–It is the future. You can create unexpected content and a fantastic variation. And this becomes more sustainable in the long run.

The use of artificial intelligence is an important part of getting robots and systems to be able to interact with humans in a more seamless way. A very interesting field of technology that Danica says she stumbled into, or as she describes it: “the field of robotics found me”.
–It just kind of happened. I have always liked to learn new things. As a researcher and professor, you get the opportunity to evolve all the time. And you can educate others and share your knowledge with so many people – something I find very stimulating. In my occupation you can choose relatively freely which problems you want to work on, which projects and collaborations you want to create. The creation of knowledge – that's the best part!

Danica is also very proud of her PhD students who have done their thesis under her guidance. They have later gone into academia or chosen to work with different corporations all over the world. She thinks of them all as a big family.

In her spare time Danica is focused on her own family and the everyday life. Having a child with NPF requires sticking to routines, but she has the time to work out occasionally and sew from time to time!

When choosing her new eyewear Danica fell in love with the oversized model Divine, in a dusty rose colour. A large statement piece with deep lenses and a contrasting pattern on the edges.

–It was hard to choose just ONE pair since there were several I really liked, but the Divine model felt extra special in both colour and shape. And I get a lot of reactions when wearing it; people comment on how cool and unusual they are. The “unusual part” is my favorite!

We have spotted Danica at the Nobel Banquet wearing her Divine frames, complementing her wonderful outfit. What it’s like to attend the event?
–I love the Nobel Banquet! It’s an opportunity to celebrate knowledge and research – which is something we should do. It’s also a chance to taste some creative food and enjoy a great event while seeing people in beautiful clothes that makes you happy.

Danica feels passionately about fashion and design and worked as a model at one time.
–I am and will always be interested in fashion. I design and sew a lot of what I wear myself and absolutely love the process of creation. Making something that no one else has, is also a way to express yourself and get noticed. And maybe that attention is needed for a woman in academia.

Danica at the Nobel Banquet

Danica at the Nobel Banquet

When talking about her dreams for the future, Danica gets very visual and describes something very tactile:
–They come in all colours and shapes, are soft to the touch with lots of heat and have unexpected combinations of scent!

We are intrigued and wish for Danica’s dreams to come true!